Common Problems Commercial Locks Face

Posted on: 6 March 2017

When your commercial lock is beginning to develop problems, there are repairs that can be performed before it is necessary to have your commercial lock repaired or replaced. In order to do this, you will need to know what to look for.

Door Out Of Alignment

Sometimes, the problem is simply the result of a door latch not being aligned properly. It may be necessary to make an adjustment to the door latch. It may also be necessary to reposition the entire door. The door may need to be repositioned above or below the strike plate. Sometimes, the door is out of alignment because it has shrunk and may need to be replaced. Sometimes, the door has to be replaced with a larger one. 

Lock Is Frozen

A common reason for why a door lock does not work is because it has become so dirty that it has seized up. Then, it is impossible to insert a key into the lock to turn the knob. First, make sure that the knob is not simply frozen. Warm the key up and then insert it into the lock to thaw it.

Lock Is Dirty

The lock can be cleaned by inserting a dampened cotton ball. Jiggle the cotton ball in order to attract dirt. Then, the lock should be lubricated. This should always be done with a silicone spry using a directional nozzle. After applying the spray, insert the key into the lock and jiggle it. Test the lock to make sure that it works. If the key actually becomes stuck at any point, do not try to force it out. There is a risk that the key might snap and will then be trapped inside the lock, making repairs more difficult. Instead, spray the lubricant inside the keyhole and try to gently pull the key out.

The Lock Or Doorknob Has Become Loose

Locks can become loose as they get older. Then, it can become much easier for burglars to use tools to pick your lock. If it feels like your lock is loose, it is essential that you have a commercial locksmith perform repairs so that your lock is no longer loose. Sometimes, the doorknob itself can become loose. Loosen the setscrew. Then, hold the part of the knob that is on the other side of the door and turn the knob that is loose clockwise until it fits tightly in the door.

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