Mistakes People Make When Doing Their Own Locksmith Work

Posted on: 27 December 2017

Moving into a new rental house means that for safety reasons, you may need to either rekey or replace door locks. This is because you cannot tell how many keys have been shared by friends, roommates, and previous residents.

You do not want to find your household items stolen, just because other people have access to your home. You may think a DIY option is cheaper. Before you take that route, be warned that you could be making a costly mistake. What are the common mistakes you can make while attempting to secure your house using a do-it-yourself approach?

Buying a Door Knob

When buying a door knob as an amateur, you will most likely go for a cheap one. Well, cheap also means easy to pick. You should at least go for grade two locks. On the other hand, expensive doors are more difficult to fix.

Matching Lock with Door

Different timber, have different characteristics and respond differently to different weather patterns by shrinking and swelling. A door lock on an external door means that extreme weather conditions can cause the door to expand or contract preventing it from locking.

Door locks could be material specific. Some are meant for solid core doors, fiberglass, glass and steel doors. One mistake is to purchase a lock for the wrong door.

Replacing the Door Knob

Aligning the new lock is a problem for amateurs. Most people will place the new door knob improperly. If you don't align the deadbolt properly, you will end up replacing the door. The three holes must be aligned correctly.

Drilling Saw Holes

When drilling saw holes, another common mistake is starting from the outside and drilling all through. You will need to start from the inside and switch sides when the drill shows on the other side to avoid splintering and damaging the door.


Rekeying will involve adjusting the internal workings by changing the lock cylinder and key pins. When rekeying, a rekey kit is needed. However rekeying kits are brand-specific. Buying the wrong brand means waste of money.

Replacing a door knob or rekeying seems easy to a homeowner. Even a single mistake can prevent a lock from being useful and compromising your security. Additional minor mistakes will compound your problems and frustrate your plan to secure your home.

If you need assistance, contacting a professional locksmith services provider is the best option. Taking risks with home security is not the preferred way to save a few bucks. Visit a website like http://www.beckerlocksmithservices.com to learn more.