Improving Security In Your Office's Parking Garage: Three Strategies To Consider

Posted on: 5 February 2018

Your office's parking garage provides a convenient way for customers and employees to secure their vehicles, but it's important to make sure that your parking garage has the right security features in place. With extra security measures, you can help ensure the safety of everyone using the facility. Here are a few options to discuss with your commercial locksmith to beef up security in your parking garage.

Live-Feed Surveillance Video

Adding security cameras can provide a deterrent for potential thieves and vandals, but they can also provide real-time information for your security guards. Work with your locksmith to install a camera system that delivers a live feed into your security office, and work with your guards to schedule one person to monitor the cameras at all times. The security guards can look for signs of suspicious activity and take appropriate steps as they see events unfold on the cameras. Look for strategic places to add extra cameras, including near elevators and stairwells, to ensure that all critical areas have camera coverage.

Panic Alarms

One option that can help employees feel more comfortable heading to their vehicles late at night is the addition of panic alarms. These alarms can resemble e fire alarms, but they have a message that indicates to press to notify police. This gives people an opportunity to quickly and discreetly contact the authorities if they feel threatened. Place the buttons near elevators, doors, and at regular intervals throughout the parking structure. You can also pair the buttons with call boxes, which can be used to call directly to the security office for additional assistance.

Security Mirrors

Security mirrors can provide a convenient view around blind corners, which can be used to make sure that no one is hiding in the garage. This option also comes in handy when people are heading out to their vehicles alone and want to be cautious when approaching their vehicles. Your commercial locksmith can identify the right locations in the garage to install the mirrors.

In addition to these measures, your locksmith can also help install signage that can add to the overall security of your parking garage. Signs can be placed to let customers and employees know where emergency call boxes and panic buttons are located, while other types of signage can indicate to potential criminals that they are being watched on camera. Ask your commercial locksmith to perform a risk assessment for your parking garage, and see if these extra measures can help protect your staff and customers.