Locked Out Of Your Home Often? Use One Of These Clever Key Hiding Places

Posted on: 4 April 2018

Have you locked yourself out of your home and have no way to get inside? You'll need the help of an emergency locksmith company like Mattice Lock & Safe, especially if it is late at night or on the weekend. However, you can prevent this from happening in the future by hiding an emergency key outside your home. Instead of placing it under the doormat or in a fake rock, here are some clever places that you can put the key where nobody will think to find it.

Under the Vinyl Siding

If your home has vinyl siding, there are plenty of places where there are seams in the material where it overlaps. These places are small and thin, which makes them perfect to hide a lone house key where nobody would expect it. The best way to ensure that the key doesn't fall out of its hiding place is to use packing tape. Tape the key to the rear side of an overlapping piece of siding, and only you should be capable of finding it in an emergency.

Inside a Bird Feeder

Chances are that somebody is not going to make a big mess when trying to find your key, which is why your bird feeder is an excellent place to put a key. This will involve some preparation where people cannot see you do it, since you should empty your bird feeder and place the key along the bottom with some packing tape. This will prevent the birds from knocking that key to the ground if they get a bit too crazy when eating from your bird feeder.

Retrieving the key will involve dumping out the remaining birdseed, but it will hopefully only need to be done in an emergency

Under a Potted Plant

As you get your potted plants ready for spring, think about putting a key at the bottom of the pot underneath all that soil. It is unlikely that somebody that is looking for a hidden key will start making a mess by dumping the contents out of all your potted plants, since it will cause quite the noticeable scene to others. However, it's the perfect hiding place for a hidden key in case of an emergency. Just do not plan to make this a key that you frequently need to use, since it can be quite messy to retrieve when you finally do need it.