Selecting A Safe? Follow These Selection And Installation Tips

Posted on: 15 August 2018

If you have decided to install a safe in your home, it is not as easy as selecting the first one that you find. Here are a few tips that will help ensure you pick the right one and properly install it.

Fireproof Properties

The first thing to consider is if the safe should be fireproof, which really depends on the type of things you will be storing inside. If they are valuable items that you do not want damaged, it may be worth spending the extra money on a fireproof safe. It can also be helpful if you are storing important documents inside the safe that are very valuable.

You may not need to splurge on a fireproof safe if you are storing something such as gold bars. Those are things that can easily be cleaned and not ruin their value afterward.

Hidden Installation

Some homeowners do not mind that safe being out in the open, while others want it to be hidden. No matter what you want to do, a locksmith can help ensure proper installation of a safe. A safe needs to be installed in a way so that it cannot be moved, so hiding the safe is only half the job. For example, if the safe is in your basement, you may want to secure it to the home's foundation so that a criminal cannot simply pick the safe up and carry it out of your house. If the safe is hidden behind a wall, you'll want to secure the safe to the framing of the house.


You do not want to pick a safe that is on the small size, since you can easily outgrow it and need something bigger. When you are looking at different safes to install, look at not only the external dimension of the safe so you know where it will fit, but the interior dimensions of the safe as well. It can be misleading to look at a large safe, but forget that the thick casing to make it fireproof has actually limited the interior space you use to store things.


You must decide what kind of locking mechanism you want, which is typically a key, combination, or electronic lock. While mechanical parts are less likely to fail, an electronic lock can be much more convenient to you when you want to access the safe. Use your judgement to decide which type of lock will work best for your needs. Talk to a company like Triangle  Safe &  Lock to learn more.