Bought A Home To Turn Into A Rental? Hire A Locksmith For Preparation

Posted on: 27 November 2018

When you buy a house to live in, you may think about security around the property right away. But, this is something that can slip your mind when you buy an investment rental property, because you may begin to think about the landlord responsibilities and income potential.

Before you make the house an official rental by listing it online, you should hire a locksmith, because they can help you by preparing the property in numerous ways.

Security Assessment

Assessing the entire home is a smart idea because you do not want your tenants to have any security weaknesses while living in your rental. A house break-in can lead to a tenant feeling unsafe living in the home, which may encourage them to move out as soon as the lease ends.

So, you will find it beneficial to improve security wherever possible, because a tenant that feels safe and secure in your rental will have a higher chance of sticking around for a long time. An assessment should include important security details related to all the doors and windows.

Lock Re-keying

When you get the keys to the property, you should consider re-keying all the locks and getting rid of the existing keys. This will help you avoid a situation in which a stranger, previous owner, or professional has an extra key that they can use to gain instant access to the rental home.

By re-keying all the locks, you can let potential tenants know that you are the only one who has the keys that work for the home. This can give peace of mind to a tenant, especially when they have young children and pets that they want to make sure are always well-protected.

Patio Bar

If the rental home has a sliding patio door, you may end up with a tenant who wants to maximize security for the door by setting up a security bar in the door track. But, you can make a tenant feel confident about moving in and being able to maximize security by providing one for them.

Extra Locks

Even if all the exterior doors and windows have functioning locks, you should not hesitate to install locks on the interior doors. This will provide more protection, because a tenant can lock certain doors when they are going away on a trip while having house sitters or pet sitters over.

Hiring a locksmith will help you make your rental home extra secure for future tenants.