Locked Out? Here's What To Do

Posted on: 11 March 2019

Most people, at one time or another, will accidentally get locked out of their homes. If this happens to you, don't panic. Whenever a lockout happens, you do have a few options. One is to try and find a way into your home. The other is to call a professional locksmith to get you back in.

For most people, trying that first option is at least worthwhile. Then, if it doesn't work or if you just don't want to deal with the hassle, you can call on a lockout service to assist you.

Try Outside Help

When you're locked out, before you panic, take a minute to think. Is there anyone who might have a copy of your key who could come and help you out? This might mean inconveniencing a friend or neighbor or even calling on an ex, but if there is anyone who can possibly help you, go ahead and make that call.

If you can't think of friends or other you know well who might have a copy of your key, then consider your landlord if you rent or even a past owner or your real estate broker if you own. These options might not always work, but they are at least worth a try. So, rack your brain to see if you can come up with anyone who may be able and willing to help you get back into your home.

Look for an Open Window

If you can't find or think of anyone to help you, then it's time to take a walk around your home. Look for any windows you might have left open or that are at least unlocked. There's a good chance that you may be able to find a window you can wiggle your way into. However, you may want to let your neighbors and/or even the local law enforcement know what you're up to. The last thing you want is to get the cops called on you for attempting to break into your own home.

Try to Jimmy the Door Open

If all else fails, you can attempt to force your door open. Popular methods of trying this are wriggling a card, like a credit card or library card, between the lock and the handle. If you have access to a tool, like a screwdriver, you may be able to pry the door open. However, if you reach this point, you are probably better off calling on a locksmith to avoid damaging your lock permanently.

Remember, if you can't get the door open or you don't want the hassle, a locksmith who provides emergency lockout services is always available and ready to assist you.