Unlock The Truth: 4 Common Locksmith Misconceptions

Posted on: 18 July 2019

From driving to work and school to shuffling your kids around to various appointments, your car keys are imperative for your everyday life. Unfortunately, car keys are still one of the most commonly misplaced items a person has, even though they are so important. While there are many tips and tricks people deem effective, unlocking your vehicle can be an overwhelming and confusing process. This guide and a locksmith's help will ensure you understand the truth about a few common misconceptions related to lost or locked-up car keys.

The Police Will Unlock Your Vehicle

If you locked your keys inside the vehicle, your first thought may be to contact the local police department. Although they are there to serve the public, a police officer's priority is not to unlock vehicle doors around your local town or city.

Never assume you can contact emergency services to unlock your vehicle since they will most likely be fighting crime and serving your specific town and city. If they are not busy with emergency issues, the local police department may be able to provide you with some assistance, but it should never be considered an emergency situation, so do not contact 911.

Of course, there are situations that would be deemed an emergency.

For example, if you locked your keys in the car along with your baby or a pet, contact your local police department for assistance immediately. This is especially important if it is warm outside since temperatures inside the vehicle will heat up to dangerous levels.

Locksmiths Only Work on Homes

Most people believe locksmiths provide services for residential purposes only. If you need to change your locks, repair a lock, or need help unlocking a lock without your house keys, you can contact a locksmith for assistance. However, locksmiths can also be used to help you unlock your vehicle.

If you lost your keys, you may need to contact the vehicle's manufacturer or a local dealership for assistance. If you locked your keys inside the vehicle, a locksmith can quickly and easily unlock the doors so you will have access again.

Locksmiths Can Help During Regular Business Hours Only

Not only should you stop believing they only work on home locks, but you also need to know that locksmiths work more than just normal business hours.

Planning to lose or lock up your keys is not possible since these mistakes are done accidentally. Therefore, one of these mistakes may occur at night, in the early morning, or on the weekends. Fortunately, locksmiths are still able to help.

Most locksmith companies offer around-the-clock services, ensuring you have professional help whenever and wherever you need it — no matter what hour of the day or night it is.

DIY Unlocking Is Possible

If you search online or ask friends and family, you may learn about a few DIY solutions for unlocking your vehicle doors. Slim tools specifically designed for this task can be purchased at some retailers and online. Or, you may think using a wire hanger will be effective for unlocking your vehicle doors.

There are instances where these DIY solutions can work, such as if you have an older make and model of vehicle with manual locks and windows, but it is important to remember you could damage your vehicle in the process.

To reduce the risk of causing vehicle damage, contact an auto locksmith who will ensure your vehicle is unlocked in a safe and efficient manner.

Help is available if you have lost or locked your keys in your vehicle. This guide will unlock the truth about a few common locksmith misconceptions.