What To Know When You Call A Locksmith For Your Car

Posted on: 16 July 2020

If you are waiting for a locksmith to arrive for your car or just generally want to be prepared, you may want to know what to expect when you do hire a locksmith. Here is what you need to know about hiring a locksmith after locking yourself out of your car.

You Should Leave Your Car Alone

The more you try to open your car door without the expertise needed to do it right, the more likely you are to either damage your car lock or your car door. There are ways to unlock your car door yourself, but you may not have the tools on hand, and they might not work. Additional damage will only make the locksmithing harder. Plus, if your car alarm goes off, it will only make it more difficult to talk to the locksmith or tow truck service who can unlock your car when they arrive. If there is an emergency, you can call 911 or carefully break a car window to try to open your car door. 

The Hourly Rate Is Lower Than Usual

If you have called a locksmith for your house or another situation, then you may have some idea of how much the locksmith will cost to unlock your car. However, it should be noted that hourly rates for unlocking car doors are generally lower than those for unlocking household doors and other locksmithing services. Car unlocking is usually around $50-$100, while house unlocking is around double that amount. This does not include other charges, such as after-hour rates or anything else. If you have the chance, it might be a good idea to have a locksmith picked out based on their quotes before an emergency occurs.

They Can Re-Key Your Car

One of the best services that locksmiths offer is the ability to re-key or change the locks for your car in case you no longer have the key. This can be a better option if you want to coordinate unlocking your car and replacing your car keys with one or two people instead of trying to run from the locksmith to the car dealership for a new lock. Additionally, you may find that the entire process is far cheaper than going to the car dealership because of the lack of commission demanded by locksmiths. If your car is keyless, then you won't be able to do this.

When calling a locksmith, it is important to be prepared for what will happen. Don't try to unlock your own car unless you know what you're doing. Additionally, if you've worked with a locksmith for something other than a car, you may find the rates are lower than you thought. Finally, locksmiths can also change the locks of your car if you want or need them to. For more information, contact a local locksmithing company like Dixie Safe & Lock.