3 Commercial Door Repairs That Should Not Be Disregarded

Posted on: 22 December 2021

Commercial doors are built to withstand a variety of circumstances. However, they require maintenance for optimal performance. Yet, commercial door repairs may be due to a lack of maintenance. Sometimes the parts on doors fail from normal wear and tear and need to be replaced. Commercial property owners need to ensure that they pay attention to signs of door repair. This can reduce the chances of mishaps such as a door that is stuck or not operating. Ignoring repair signs could result in downtime, unsafe work conditions, or make a property vulnerable to theft risks. The following points identify a few repair signs that could put safety and commercial properties at risk.

Lock Issues

If your commercial door(s) have older locks, they might not be serving their purpose. Some older locks are easier for thieves to break than newer locks. A lock upgrade could protect you against future break-ins. Some properties have faulty or broken locks. Prior break-in attempts can cause locks to lose their integrity.  A commercial door repair service can determine if locks need to be replaced due to functionality issues.

Remote Control Issues

You expect your doors to open when you need them. Remotes can stop working for a number of reasons and usually require a quick fix to avoid interrupting business operations. One of the most common issues for a nonworking remote is battery-related. Attempt to change the batteries to determine if the door will work. If the door is still unresponsive, you need to get professional assistance. You might need a commercial door repair, or the remote may need to be reprogrammed.

Damaged Panel Sections

Storms, break-in attempts, and circumstances that involve high impacts to door panels can cause physical damage. The damage may look unappealing, but there are more reasons than aesthetics to get commercial door repairs for this issue. For example, the ruined panels can make the interior of your commercial property vulnerable to water damage.

You might also experience property damage, damaged goods, or hazardous conditions. If the damage was caused by an unsuccessful break-in attempt, the thieves could come back to finish the job. Their first attempt might not have worked because you have an intact door. Damaged commercial doors offer less security and might make it easier to gain access to your property. Even if the same thieves do not return, there is a possibility that your business could be targeted by future criminals.

A commercial door repair service is a good resource to use to determine if your commercial doors are offering the best protection. They can inspect and determine the best security solutions for your property. Contact a commercial door repair service for more information.